Tina Goertz :: 4.0 ePortfolio -- Communication and Interpersonal Skills

A Smorgasbord of Ideas This section will include works from my current and previous employer and a couple of assignments found within the MDDE program.

The first competency in this section is to provide a document that shows clear writing in a style appropriate to purpose. For this file, I will use an assignment from MDDE 620 entitled "Barriers to Change When Adopting Technology”.

Please take a look at my work addressing the above mentioned example:

4.1, 4.2 of the Communication and Interpersonal competencies
One of my current work responsibilities is to lead the Distance Learning Community of Practice or affectionately known as just the DLCoP. We are a moderate sized group of around 60+ members, from all of the 24+ ministries and for the past year I have conducted meetings, mentoring and demonstration activities.

When I arrived at my new position in 2008, my first big task was to set up a meeting and conduct it via teleconference and online. Throughout the session I introduced a new communication tool to the group, showed them the updated website and requested to change the current administrative set up to one that would initiate rotating chairs for each meeting. The meeting was a success, and over 30 people showed up including those on the telephone.

My next meeting was on November 3, 2009, and this time we are conducting it via WebEx. For this event I have put together a small Captivate video showing the new website, and I have recently created (using a social media tool) Tina’s eLearning blog.

4.4, 4.7 and 4.8 of the Communication and Interpersonal competencies
In my previous employment I helped faculty move their coursework online, managed a group of 12-14 technology students, and trained learners on numerous software programs including many Learning Content Management systems. (WebCT, Blackboard, CCNet, WebKF)

One task in particular was to design and deliver a workshop on PowerPoint to faculty called “Introduction to PowerPoint”. I created two courses initially, however only one workshop was conducted.

The workshop ran for half a day, and the class size averaged around 24. Initially it was designed to show faculty specific techniques in PowerPoint such as inserting graphics, creating text boxes, adding colour, modifying a template, adding custom animations and converting to HTML.

The workshop went well, and the evaluations were great.

4.6 of the Communication and Interpersonal competencies