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Leadership Essentials Managing a group project or small department is a task that must be handled efficiently and very assertively. I never really fully understood what a Director did within a department, but after MDDE 605, I have a whole new appreciation for them!

I have copied parts of two projects the first involving a section of a SECTIONS analysis and the other a department that I would (eventually) love to manage.

Please take a look at my work addressing the above mentioned examples:

6.2, 6.3, 6.4 of the Management, Organization and Leadership competencies
Recently, I was involved in a collaborative group project for MDDE 619. I took the lead initially, and began to create the draft outline and action plan that was to be followed in the weeks to come. We used the wiki that was available to us, and this proved not only extremely useful but highly collaborative.

The assignment was to choose an ID strategy and modify a course based on these principles. There were 3 (three) members assigned to the group and we had a few weeks to produce a 20 page paper with examples.

My section was to show the pros/cons of the ARCS model in relation to the course and provide some recommendations; however I found that the most important part was not the writing, but the collaborating.

In the end, I made a wonderful friend and colleague.

6.5 of the Management, Organization and Leadership competencies