Tina Goertz :: 7.0 End of the Journey

The path that I have chosen...

What did I gain from the MDE program?

Graduate work has been one of the most exhilarating and exciting episodes of my life. Eventually, I will be looking to acquire my PhD; however I am going to take a bit of a break as I have been doing online coursework now for over 8 years…

To summarize:

This section allowed me the opportunity to absorb and reflect on the group collective, not to mention argue constructively on many different types of questions posed. It was nice to be able to discuss issues or hear about what others posited rather than only seeing and understanding my view.

This section allowed me to better understand the range of techniques and instructional design methodologies reflective of a variety of learning styles and systems processes. I LOVE ADDIE!

Collaboration was a huge part of this program, and I am extremely grateful for the people that I have met and friends that I have gained. I truly learned how to reciprocate and be part of a team environment, when usually I am the one that just likes to sit and watch.

I also learned a lot about the newer technologies that have appeared on the educational scene, some good, some bad, and some not quite ready for beta!

The program was important in that I found that leading a group of users and showing what I know had the most humbling effect on me to this day.

I found that it’s not so much what technology you use, or how you use it but the “level of interaction” that goes on amongst learners and learning that is the most important.

The program was essential for me when I started to delve into the kinds of work that I do now. One of the most important elements was a booklet that I adapted from the NHI Web-based Training Standards and Style Guide. While the layout and words are very similar, because the MDE program had allowed me to research on the various ID models, I was able to adapt this booklet and create a sensational compendium of ID principles and style guides.

One of my goals is to eventually become a Director of a Resource Centre, and the MDE program has allowed me to not only flesh out the details but solidify what I need to do in order to obtain this achievement. This program allowed me to analyse and create a quasi Centre with all the trimmings, i.e. budget, staff and workshop offerings — now I know I’m ready to run and manage a resource centre!
Athabasca you have been wonderful, patient and most appreciative of me and I hope to one day return the favour.

All the best, Tina Goertz